A new technology for sustainable, cost-effective and environmentally responsible water production
Many communities are deprived of safe water, including in North America, simply because until now an affordable solution was not available. Appropriate for use at any scale, its affordability, ease of maintenance and simplicity of operation makes this new water treatment technology uniquely suitable for smaller communities. Click here for a printable brochure.

Manz Slow Sand Filter™

The MSSF meets or surpasses the well-established ability of the Traditional Slow Sand Filter (TSSF) to remove pathogens (parasites, spores, bacteria and viruses).

The MSSF is a novel variation:

  • demand operated

  • easily cleaned using a backwash process under low pressure

  • wider range of applications while retaining the pathogen removal characteristics

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Manz Polishing Filter

The MPSF exploits the unique ability of TSSFs to remove small particles. Construction and operation of MPSFs are similar to MSSFs with all of the same advantages.  Ease of cleaning allows MPSF based water treatment systems to remove:

  • Sand, silt or clay

  • Manganese, iron, arsenic, fluoride, or heavy metal

  • TOC/DOC and Algae

and treat water types including surface, ground and wastewater


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